Grooming Services

Glampin' Groom is an appointment only private grooming shop specializing in grooming dogs up to 40lbs.  We are  located on Spicewood Springs Road on the Tri Star Farm property. Turn onto the unpaved driveway and drive past the stables to find the Glamper on your right.  Glampin' Groom appointments are available in two-hour blocks unless additional time is needed for a special cut or due to poor coat condition requiring extra time.

Our unique handling and calming techniques can work wonders for dogs that require predictability and have had bad experiences at other grooming shops or are fearful of the process.  Fearful dogs can not be rushed and the first visit or two may require additional time so please be sure to give me a heads up so I can schedule accordingly.

Glampin' Groom is the opposite of a high-volume grooming shop. We offer personalized individual service and make an appointment for each dog or family of dogs.  During the appointment, the shop is theirs until the groom is complete.  We are in a small funky pink Glamper (Glamorous Camper) and chose this business model so each dog can get the full attention they need to make their experience a wonderful one.  Our space is small but has all the amenities you may want for your fur baby such as a full size bed, fresh water, grain-free treats (if allowed), and unlimited love (free of charge). We use calming techniques and soothing oils to help your pets feel at ease during the grooming process.  

Important things to know before your visit:

  • We are located at the Tristar Farms horse boarding facility - all dogs must be on a leash at all times for the safety of riders
  • Immune compromised dogs welcome
  • Elderly dogs are more than welcome! (We love our oldies but goodies) 
  • If your dog has a history of biting or is generally distrustful of strangers you must let me know for my own safety - it does not necessarily mean that I won't groom your dog, but I need to know in advance.
  • We do not offer full de-matting as it is painful for the dog but will work with ears and tails if needed and possible to do without discomfort (extra fees may apply as we may need a little extra time). 
  • With modern day flea medications working so well very quickly, we do not offer services to flea infested dogs
  • Hand scissor haircuts, if requested, require some additional time but most small dogs can be done within the two hour time frame
  • Because we do not have different families of dogs at the same time and sanitize in-between appointments, our vaccine requirements are more lax than other shops.  We accept 3 year vaccine schedules but if your dog has vaccine reactions or other reasons it can not be vaccinated please just talk to us and we can likely work with you
  • We have a very small space but can make accommodations to allow clients to stay with medically fragile dogs. We must know in advance.
  • Dog-aggressive dogs are welcome but please make sure to give advance notice
  • We do not use dangerous heated-cage dryers!


2-20lbs full groom start at $60 (full hand scissor cut add $15

20-40lbs start at $65 (full hand scissor cut add $15)

Doodles starting at $75 but can go up to $100 depending on cut

All haircuts include:

  • Bath and hand blow dry
  • Nail trimming
  • Anal gland expression if requested
  • ear plucking when needed and if requested

Bath & Brush only

Starts at $35

Bath and hand blow dry


Nail Trim Only


Nails trimmed and and filed smooth




Hand scissor:  $18

Grooming-time beyond two-hours required: $35/hour